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HMV Sheraton Gramophone in Mahogany
Circa 1908

As supplied to "H.M. THE QUEEN"

(The Grand-Daddy of all HMV Internal Horn Gramophones)

Originally part of the Ian Calderbank Collection of Gramophones.
This Gramophone has been Sold, but the details might be of interest to fellow Collectors.

Gramophones for sale HMV Sheraton closed Gramophones for sale HMV Sheraton open doors Gramophones for sale HMV Sheraton open

HMV Advertisement from 1907

Notes about this Gramophone

A common opinion of the early 1900 Housewife was that Gramophones were ugly things and the Horn nothing but a dust trap, there are some Housewives that would agree with that today. It took "HMV" until late 1907 to think up the idea of enclosing the Horn. This is the first model that "HMV" produced of a Gramophone with an internal Horn; the rest is history with the subsequent Table top Gramophones, Portables, Record Players etc. etc.

This is a large sumptuous item of furniture that only the wealthy could afford, in fact an advertisement from 1907 states this model was supplied to Her Majesty The Queen of England. The Retail price of this model was 50 Guinea's (ú52.50), this would have been a fortune in 1907. Until circa 1924 the "HMV" turntable felt was always green with very rare exceptions. Because this Gramophone was so special, the felt; which is original, is Red. I have only seen Red used on one other very expensive "HMV" model. The Gramophone bears the Dog & Trumpet "HMV" transfer, this was not in general use on Gramophones until 1909. However the transfer was used earlier in very special cases, this Gramophone most certainly is a very special model.

Hidden at the back of the Gramophone is a large lockable compartment which could have been used to hide valuables. One story I heard was that a Lord had his Butler push the Gramophone into the centre of the room (it is on castors); the Butler would take records from the Storage area at the front of the Gramophone and place the played records in the rear compartment for subsequent sorting.

Dimensions of Mahogany case are 47" High, 26" Wide and 25" Deep. Triple spring powerful motor has a horizontal governor with vertical worm drive. Exhibition Soundbox and 12" turntable.

Condition :- The Mahogany case has some minor scratches and imperfections. The nickel plate has dulled over the decades, but is good. The original turntable felt has a few marks on it. The motor has been serviced by a specialist Gramophone Engineer with the springs removed cleaned and repacked in new grease ready for another 100 years. The Soundbox rubber Gaskets which harden over the years have been renewed.

I have tried to describe the Gramophone accurately. However, it must be born in mind unlike many "Antiques" that have been safely stored against the ravages of time in a display cabinet; the Gramophone was a Domestic Appliance which was a main source of home entertainment.
Realistically the only Gramophones that won't show signs of age are over restored examples, or the reproduction models imported from the Far East.

A milestone in Gramophone development and in very good condition considering over 100 years old

HMV Sheraton Upright Grand in Mahogany


Addendum, October 2006 -
Courtesy of information supplied by Christopher Proudfoot (one of the Worlds Authorities on "HMV" Gramophones)
The Sheraton was introduced in April 1907 retailing for UKú52-50. Another floor standing Gramophone, the Chippendale followed in September 1907 for UKú45, although cheaper far fewer were sold. Sales of both gramophones was never large, by the end of 1910 monthly sales were in single figures. The last recorded sales were two Sheraton's and one Chippendale in August 1911. No manufacturers transfer is normally found on this Gramophone, but the model shown here bears the "HMV" logo indicating it is probably a late example.